About Me

I am a father of two and a husband of one. Our family has two ageing dogs: an Airedale Terrier and a Standard Poodle. Fish are recent additions at the behest of our 7-year old.

To earn a living, I deliver management consulting advice to business owners and managers.

To enjoy my life, I spend time on computer hardware of the Apple variety. Until recently I have played basketball, but finally at the age of 41, my body has told me enough is enough.

I am rediscovering the joys of the Indieweb and this website is the latest adventure in pursuing that interest.

I can also be found at my official home on the internet, andrewcanion.com. I post short entries at micro.blog which is a more civil forum than Twitter. I’ve been building a personal wiki which has been a surprisingly enjoyable experience. I’m contactable by email using andrew at canion dot me.