Manifesto offers an online location where I can post and share things that are more eclectic and ephemeral in nature. Rather than featuring comprehensive articles, as found at this site can have quick and simple content. is a site where I can link to things I discover and find to be of interest — the classic link blog of times of yore.

This site may contain fragments of thought; seeds of ideas that might germinate at some point in the future. It will provide an opportunity for me to think out loud through writing and publishing. It will probably be a bit nerdy. Content is not intended to be the ultimate in polished writing1

There is no overarching theme. The site will have content that is interesting to me at the time. It is also my place of experimentation, so things might break. Be warned — but please let me know if you find an issue.

  1. Of course, I will still try to maintain a level of quality control because of my own personal standards.