January 31, 2019 at 2:29pm

Owning Your Content

Social media is a vacuum, sucking up content by others and monetising it for themselves.

We don’t have to play that game. This is what the IndieWeb is about — having our content remain ours, not making money for poorly behaved mega-corps.

Phil Nunnally on Ben Norris on owning your content expresses this well:


The experience of owning the content here is sprawling to other ways I can own, refactor, and share more stuff that I used to keep to myself or surrender to others.


I just resonate so much with the mission that Manton has, and his belief of the importance of owning our content, and being, in some ways, good stewards of ourselves and our thoughts and our creative output. Don’t give it to someone, don’t turn it over. Own it and keep it and make it available to share on your own terms.

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