1 March 2021

I Forgot About 1Writer

I also own 1Writer, which also plugs directly into Dropbox, and is, arguably, a better editor. It’s certainly a more fully-featured one. Yes, I own →

1 March 2021

Posting here using Byword

I’ve owned Byword for many years. I think it was the first Markdown editor I bought, for both iOS and macOS. I abandoned it a long time ago as well, →

3 January 2021

Back to Dropbox with Blot

About 18 months ago I transitioned the publishing of this site to use Git. It was cool, but overly cumbersome for my needs. I avoided posting here →

3 January 2021

2020 Retrospective

What are the rules about linking to my own post on another website I own? Andrew Canion - 2020 Retrospective: For me, the narrative that 2020 was a →

29 December 2020

Dynalist as a Tool for Daily Notes

I’ve been consciously taking more and better daily notes. Part of this is to build a greater awareness of what I do and how I spend my time. Part of →

8 November 2020

My Subscription Services

Steven Garrity at Acts of Volition writes of the online services he pays for. This prompted me to make my own quick list. Some of these links →

23 September 2020

Cortex Animated is Great

What’s better than Cortex Podcast? Animated highlights from Cortex Podcast →

24 August 2020

Mondo Electronics

is a company I’ve helped as part of my job as an Entrepreneurs’ Programme Growth Facilitator. They were kind enough to say some →

16 August 2020

International Mac Nerds

Martin Feld, Jason Burk and I recorded a ‘pilot episode’ of a podcast idea we had been germinating. Martin has been kind enough to host the episode →

19 June 2020

Ecamm Live Trial



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