18 June 2020



25 May 2020

My Story of Installing Windows with Boot Camp on an External SSD

The developers of Civilization 6 - and specifically Aspyr who are responsible for the Mac port - have cost me time and money, but have provided me →

17 April 2020

Writing for the Web

Why Word documents are not great for the web, and why plain text files written in ‘Markdown’ syntax are the way to go when writing anything destined →

13 April 2020

Will Coronavirus Change Society Forever?

Will our giant monuments to mass transportation soon appear as white elephants dedicated to the god of hubris? Gigantic airports, ocean ports for →

16 February 2020


Have you ever used a pivot table in Excel, and thought that there must be a better way? Have you ever built a Kanban board in Trello but realised →

2 January 2020

Agenda & NotePlan

Agenda and NotePlan: two apps that ostensibly do the same thing. They provide a method by which to take notes with regard to meetings, projects and →

1 January 2020

My App Toolkit

At the beginning of 2020, an update on my current app toolbox. Of course, it is overflowing with too many tools. My ideal state would be to have one →

22 August 2019

MailMate Review

I have bought a license for MailMate - a mail application for the Mac. This cost me AU$84. Why pay that kind of money for a mail app, when Apple →

7 August 2019


It seems I can’t spend any time on the Internet at the moment without coming across insights, thoughts and video on the philosophy of stoicism. →

10 July 2019

A Guide to Using YNAB to Support NDIS Self-Managed Budgeting

As a self-managed user of Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) it is necessary to budget, account for, and forecast expenditure →


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