My Technology Stack

I use a range of software both in my professional work and running my websites. This page outlines the primary tools that I use on a regular basis.

The site is hosted by VentraIP. I developed the static pages using RapidWeaver, while the blog (and micro blog) are running on a Wordpress install.

I use Ulysses to draft and publish my blog posts, which I write in Markdown. If I add hand-drawn graphics, these are done with Linea.

Posts are drafted in Markdown using iA Writer on iOS, or a choice of MultiMarkdown Composer, Atom or Typora on Mac (I’m not really satisfied with any of them, to be honest). Once complete, the posts are exported to Dropbox for instant publishing via Blot.


My growing wiki is based upon DokuWiki with a range of different plugins installed.

I’m going through a phase of true fascination with wikis. Their fluid nature and the expectation of being able to edit and change information provides a nice counterpoint to a blog, in which every post feels anchored in time with the added pressure of getting a post just right before posting.

Professional Work

I am always re-evaluating my work methods and toolset, but this list reflects the priority software of the moment.

macOS Only

Curio for creating interactive and flexible thought boards. I’m still quite new to this software, but it is winning me over.

I would love if it offered at least some kind of iOS companion app, even if just for inking over pre-constructed boards built on a Mac.

macOS & iOS

OmniOutliner for creating agendas and taking notes. It’s a bid fiddly to use, but I still like it, and have trended back towards this after preferring iThoughts for some time.

Ulysses for writing reports, the words of which must (unfortunately) later be wrangled into a standardised Word template.

Bear for taking ad-hoc notes, using Bear’s flavour of Markdown, Polar.

Bear has been replaced with DEVONthink Pro

2019-02-20: For note taking, DEVONthink Pro has been replaced by Notebooks.

DEVONthink Pro for Mac and DEVONthink to Go for iOS to capture and archive randoms information that may prove useful in the future, and allowing me to later summon that information at will, making me look smart. I’ve given up on Bear in favour of using DEVONthink for note-taking as well.

Notebooks for taking notes, and maybe building some kind of zettelkasten. I am still trying to figure out the boundaries here, given DEVONthink does much the same thing, but the iOS interface for Notebooks is much nicer.

OmniFocus for managing every single element of my working (and personal) life. Without this app, I’d be lost.

A combination of Fantastical and BusyCal for checking calendars. This is supported by the use of WhenWorks to allow clients to book time with me.

Cloze for CRM purposes, but I’m not going to renew my subscription. It is really great, but much of what it can do I can already deal with using other apps such as TextExpander, BusyContacts and OmniFocus.

Notability for times when I want to take notes with my Apple Pencil, or mark up documents.

GoodNotes is the app I use to markup documents with my Apple Pencil.

Liquidtext for reviewing and notating against PDF documents. I actually wish I had greater need for this app, because it’s so much fun to use.


MacBook Pro 13″ late 2013 which is getting a bit long in tooth, but is generally able to do everything I need from it (and it has a full range of ports!). I plug this into a 27″ (non-retina) Cinema Display at my desk. I have no temptation to upgrade to a new laptop because I really don’t like the direction that Apple has taken its MacBook Pro lineup. I think my next Mac will be an iMac.

iPad Pro 10.5”, which I love to use. It’s just a joy, and I wish I could use it for every element of my work.

iPhone 8 Plus; a relatively new acquisition after rolling with an iPhone SE for a couple of years. It felt huge at first. Now it feels big, but the SE seems ludicrously small. I am happy with this phone personal computer.

Apple Watch Series 1. This does typical Apple Watch stuff like notifications, calendar alerts and fitness tracking. I have some apps installed but rarely use them.